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Best overseas storage experience award in 2018

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Date: 2019-07-09
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    Simply put, overseas warehousing is to move your warehouse to foreign countries, so that you can achieve local distribution of products, greatly shorten the delivery time and improve customer shopping experience. Today, we will present the 2018 best overseas storage experience award in this place to let more people realize the utility and convenience of overseas storage.

    An overseas warehouse established in a country other than the home region and generally used in e-commerce. Goods are exported from the country to be stored in warehouses in that country in the form of sea, freight and air transportation. Buyers place online orders to purchase the required goods. Sellers only need to place online orders to overseas warehouses to complete the fulfillment of orders. Goods are shipped from the buyer's home country, greatly reducing the time required for logistics to ship goods from home.

Directions for use

    Chinese sellers store their goods in overseas storage centers where they are transported by sea, air or express, and issue operational instructions through the inventory management system of logistics carriers.

    Step 1: the seller will ship the goods to the overseas storage center, or entrust the carrier to deliver the goods to the overseas warehouse of the carrier.

This section of international freight can be transported to the warehouse by sea, air or express.

    Step 2: the seller remotely manages the overseas warehouse online.

The seller USES the logistics information system of the logistics provider to remotely operate the goods stored overseas and keep them updated in real time.

    Step 3: operate the goods according to the seller's instructions.

Carry out storage, sorting, packaging and distribution of goods in strict accordance with the seller's instructions according to the automatic operation equipment of the overseas storage center of logistics merchants.

    Step 4: real-time update of system information.

    After the delivery, the system will be updated in time to show the inventory status, so that the seller can know in real time.

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